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Big names line up for Torquay

Big names line up for Torquay

Courtesy of UK Independence Party - UKIP News

UKIP have announced that this year's Annual Conference at Torquay's Riviera International Conference Centre (RICC) will see an unprecedented line up of guest speakers and participants over the two event.

The Conference, entitled A Positive Vision for the Future, and held on September 3rd to 4th, will hear from:

Petr Mach, young leader of the new Czech Eurosceptic party, the Free Citizens Party, which has picked up the baton from Vaclav Klaus

Lord Stoddart of Swindon, former Labour MP and chairman of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, leading Eurorealist

Steven Woolfe, General Counsel at a leading City hedge fund, and a vocal campaigner against EU financial services regulation

Tom Hind, chief economist at the National Farmers Union

Mark Turner and Jason McGoldrick of the Budapest Two campaign against the European Arrest Warrant

Andy and Denise Harris of Afghan Heroes

Setting the tone for this year's Conference, David Campbell Bannerman will be unveiling the party's Positive Vision project, a detailed prospectus for the UK's future outside the European Union.

A major Fringe programme, organised in association with The Freedom Association, will see contributions from Dr Lee Rotherham, author of Ten Years On, Phil Booth of NO2ID, Alex Deane of Big Brother Watch and David Atherton of Freedom2Choose.

A fringe highlight will be the Devon Cream TEA Party, the latest in TFA's series of UK events following the success of the US Taxed Enough Already movement.

There will be Keynote Speeches from Nigel Farage and Lord Monckton, as well as major contributions from Marta Andreasen, Godfrey Bloom, Gerard Batten, William Dartmouth, Stuart Agnew, Derek Clark, John Whittaker, Tim Aker, Jeremy Nieboer on climate change, plus a mystery speaker still to be announced.

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