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Smaller but new waste show is 'top quality'

Smaller but new waste show is 'top quality'

NEXT week's first new plant and waste recycling show is due is already setting up on Paignton Green.

The three-day show on the seafront replaces the 'bin men's' conference and exhibition which pulled out last summer after 23 years.

The new show was set up by disgruntled exhibitors who did not want to move out of the Bay to London.
It is a much smaller event but organisers say as other shows have been cancelled due to the credit crunch the Bay event going ahead is a positive move.

Organiser Richard Hunt said: "The show has progressed very well, albeit smaller, but it is quality, as shown by the exhibitor list."

There are 81 exhibitors covering all aspects of recycling and waste management: aerial platforms, recycling systems, skip lifters, manufacturer of loaders, suppliers of re-cycling equipment, finance companies, bus and coach suppliers, makers of recycling bins and containers, pre-cast concrete tanks, suppliers of recycling bags, commercial vehicles, architectural services, carpentry, tankers, drainage, vehicle maintenance and repair, agricultural and horticultural machinery, and skip operations.

This compares with the final event run by the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management which had 100 conference speakers, 300 exhibitors, free seminars, and product launches.

Mr Hunt said: "With many shows having cancelled this year, I think it is great that so many top quality exhibitors still wanted to support the Plant and Waste Recycling Show in Paignton despite the credit crunch.

"This is good news for all, I would say.

"The show is smaller, that we can agree on, it is however quality.

"We are occupying about the same area on the north green and about one quarter of middle green.

"More importantly there is a show, whereas at this time last year there was not once the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management pulled the plug.

"So we need to look at it in that positive light.

"Thanks to Torbay Council and its officers the town has a result, the hotels have business and a lot of money will be spent."

But some hoteliers in the town say there are still rooms to be had, when normally 'no vacancy' signs are up during the show.

Paignton hotelier Tony Smyth, a former chairman of the Torbay Hospitality Association, said he would normally be fully booked for the show week.

"I have spoken to other hotels and it appears there is plenty of availability for the show.

"A lot of people do leave it until the last minute, so we hope the circumstances will change and it will pick up.

"Certainly at the moment it is down on last year."
Len Lindon, vice-chairman of the Torbay Hospitality Association, said: "The show is smaller than last year but better than nothing.

"It is likely Paignton will benefit more than Torquay.
"Personally we used to do quite well out of it and it gave the Bay, as a whole, a boost in June but this year we have had no bookings so far.

"It is quite clear that the move to London will be more expensive for the exhibitors and think it is likely they will later say 'blow this' and think about coming back to Torbay.

"There is potential for the show to grow and to get back to where it was over the long term."

Courtesy Herald Express 9 June 2009

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