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300 Attend top International conference on animal welfare

300 Attend top International conference on animal welfare

THE first of the season's Macaroni penguin chicks have been hatched at Living Coasts, Torquay.
Staff hope the chick, which is being brooded in view of the public, will be the first of many to hatch this summer.

A spokesman said: "We have six breeding pairs and hope all of them will hatch their single egg this year, which would be a record for us.

"There are also around 80 African penguins on show, with a couple of dozen of them paired, but they breed underground so none of the rearing activity is seen as it is with the 'Macs'."

Other species of birds like waders and Inca terns are also sitting on eggs.

A visit to Living Coasts is on the agenda for animal experts from around the world who have made tracks to Torbay.

Almost 300 delegates are attending a top international conference on animal welfare being hosted by Paignton Zoo at the Riviera International Conference Centre, Torquay.

Delegates from Vienna, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Alaska, Prague and the UK, and from zoos including Newquay, Heidelberg, Leningrad and Moscow are attending the event which will run until Friday.

They are attending the ninth International Conference on Environmental Enrichment, which is held every two years.

A zoo spokesman said: "We are attracting delegates from right across the animal world, people involved with domestic pets, working animals, companion animals, laboratories, farming and zoos."

Academic institutions attending include the University of Milan, Kyoto University, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, the University of Sao Paulo and the Khorramshahr University of Marine Science and Technology, Iran.

Other bodies sending delegates include the Animals Asia Foundation, Hong Kong, the Kerala Forest Research Institute, India, the BioResource Research Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The spokesman said: "It is hoped the conference will benefit the local economy, with hotels including the Corbyn Head, Livermead and Livermead Cliff all welcoming delegates."

He said the conference will be a lively mix of formal and informal presentations, practical demonstrations and social events.

Courtesy of Herald Express

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