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Miraculous healing takes place in Torquay

Miraculous healing takes place in Torquay

A 14 year old had her ankles miraculously healed and gold dust was spotted falling through the air at the Christian Services Association annual conference taking place at Torquay's Riviera International Conference Centre.

The conference was attended by around 1,200 delegates from across the UK and was an amazing experience, according to organiser Sue Davies who said RICC had been a fantastic venue.

She explained: "We find the staff at the Riviera International Conference Centre a joy to deal with - they speak my language with regards to hosting conferences and understand everything we want, and even exceed our expectations by coming up with ideas that suit our needs more than we can think of."

Sue Davies went on to say: "They are all excellent and the venue of course is in a beautiful setting with the beach and tennis courts and the park - the facilities are all you would want them to be, with rooms of varying sizes that meet our requirements.

"We had many people comment on how nice all the staff were and that nothing was to much trouble for them."

Appearing at the conference was author Patricia King who has been a Christian minister for more than 25 years, Joshua Mills who has written more than 600 songs and travels across North America with his wife Janet teaching the Christian message and Petrie Beckmann who has ministered in several nations.

Sue explained: "It was awesome. There were so many people who were healed. A 14 year-old girl who hadn't been able to put her feet flat on the floor who had had problems with her ankles since birth could suddenly walk properly.

"Someone who had no energy and had to drag themselves out of bed was restored and healed. People with chronic fatigue syndrome could dance all day.
"There were some amazing experiences and people's lives were changed. There were quite a few testimonies about money appearing. A French lady who was deaf in one ear had her hearing restored."

She added: "For non Christians it seems very unreal and unrealistic but these miracles really did happen. There were signs of the wonders: gold dust falling. People had an amazing time."

And she added that the association would be back at RICC in September (September 25-27) for its "Overwhelming Glory"' Conference.

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