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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Have you ever considered how food affects your mood? Thats the question staff at Torquays Riviera International Conference Centre have been asking as they look forward to the start of the new conference season

As conference organisers or as delegates there is always the fear that the after lunch fatigue will hit right in the middle of that all important speech, with the chance you could be fighting to stay awake.
Fully aware that audience attention levels sink to an all-time low following the traditional conference lunch, organisers at the RICC have come up with an innovative way of avoiding this and ensuring delegates find the strength and enthusiasm to visit the supporting trade stands.

"Lunch Bowls" are a selection of tasty healthy option dishes designed to be eaten on the move and they promote mental alertness and reduce that afternoon sense of fatigue thus increasing delegate concentration levels by over 50%.

Managing director Barry Cole explained: "Observing that caffeine and sugary food breaks can lead to plummeting concentration levels, we set out to devise a selection of menus that would promote mental alertness. Protein rich foods combined with some carbs, are best for meetings mood, so our lunch bowls consist of a combination of these as well as taking in to consideration the easy way they can be eaten as delegates wander around an exhibition thus keeping all parties happy."

"This simple idea has so far been extremely well received by many conference organisers, who appreciate this kind of attention to detail, which demonstrates the Centres commitment to ensuring that each conference at the RICC is successful."
Barry added: "This encouragement has really spurred us on to further develop this area of delegate "brain food"! After all, at a time when delegates need to be at their most mental alert we feel responsible in providing a menu that is not only tempting and tasty but also ensures an optimum nutritional approach to their working day".

The theory has already won support from one conference organiser. Dion Bassett, Director of Confab Consulting, organised the Clinical Neurosciences Conference, one of the first events to experience this new initiative. He explained: "One aspect of our conference that was critical to its success was that exhibitors should leave feeling they had benefited from having a stand at the associated exhibition. We wanted delegates to wander round and, wherever possible, enjoy their lunch and refreshment breaks in the exhibition area".

"Id like to thank the Riviera International Conference Centre for having solved this challenge. The bowl meals made it easy and comfortable for delegates to visit stands. Delegates found the food excellent and exhibitors were over the moon delegates visited them during the lunch break.

"The first speaker after lunch, who dreaded the graveyard slot, was surprised at how wide-awake delegates were. It was all attributed to well conceived food that was low in carbohydrates. Thank you for solving our problem."

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