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Ice Cream Rocks!

Ice Cream Rocks!

For some 500 delegates from as far afield as Japan, the Riviera International Conference Centre laid on something a little different for one of the refreshment breaks.

Not only did ice cream from Langage Farm show off the best of our local produce, but Delegates were not subjected as usual to a high from yet another caffeine shot.

"We always try and make our food and service relevant to the event, the organisers aspirations for the conference, and memorable for delegates" said RICC MD Barry Cole. "For The International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry we also provided our "bowl and brain" food. These are individual dishes of high protein, low carbohydrate foods served in Chinese bowls so that delegates can walk around the exhibition stands and displays, as well as network and then not fall asleep during the graveyard speakers slot after lunch!"

Hannah Evans the IMOG Conference Secretary added, "The RICC has proved to our international colleagues that there is more to British cuisine than Fish and Chips. We have been extremely impressed by all aspect of organisation and set up here in Torquay".

After a challenging tourist season, the Bay will have enjoyed the real benefits of 500 delegates here for 4 to 5 days.

The picture shows Laura Cleary from the Riviera International Centre with Dr Chris Cornford and Hannah Evans (Organisers of the IMOG Conference) and Elin Rein with Dr Arne Steen (Delegates attending from Norway).

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