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"Barefoot Thinking"

"Barefoot Thinking"

An insight into the way people can refresh their thinking and keep their businesses energized was outlined to Torbay's commercial world at a special breakfast seminar recently.

Peter Redstone who along with Tim Currant formed The Barefoot Partnership earlier this year, delighted business men and women with an extremely entertaining address when they gathered for the monthly breakfast meeting at Torquay's Riviera International Conference Centre.

The company which was launched to serve companies in the South West, combines Tim's management development experience with Peter's work on "barefoot thinking" and many years as a consultant and entrepreneur. The two business partners had been trialling their barefoot thinking services and their team leadership programme since 2005 and officially launched their business in March of this year.

Peter told his audience: "Businesses seems to be faced with changes on all fronts: in technology, competition, regulation, climate change and more. New challenges present themselves in rapid succession.

"Effective response to these changes often needs a new approach, a new way of thinking. Fresh thinking is now a vital ingredient to maintain an organisation's edge and competitiveness and keep its bottom line healthy. The more we are sure that the future will be uncertain, the more we need to extend our thinking skills to cope in a world of unpredictability and ambiguity."

Peter added: "However, there are obstacles. Pressure and stress at work are increasing and we are all running faster to keep up and do not have the time to think. We are becoming set in how we look at our work and ourselves and receive little encouragement to challenge existing assumptions. As a result we have few opportunities to learn new ways of thinking. This is the reason for founding the Barefoot Thinking Partnership: to help people refresh their thinking and keep their businesses energized. We have practical thinking tools which can be quickly brought into use by individuals and teams."

He added: "With so many of the world's resources in short supply, it's time to make more of an asset with plenty of spare capacity, thinking skills. With each of us having many billions of brain cells and an almost unlimited facility for making new connections between them, there is enormous capacity to exploit.

"In the South West, the challenge is to make the most of the region's natural human resources, a powerful thinking environment in which people and organisations function to their full potential."

Our picture shows Peter explaining his work to the managing director of the Riviera International Conference Centre, Barry Cole who said: "Peter's talk was just spoton for what our Business Breakfast members expect. It was a presentation to stimulate the grey cells, no overt selling, a high cholesterol English breakfast getting back to the office soon after 9am."

** The Partnership offers fresh thinking sessions, Barefoot Thinking courses, team and leadership Programme, Facilitation and Coaching and details can be obtained from Peter on 01626 872291 or

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