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Royal Naval Association Annual Conference 2007

Royal Naval Association Annual Conference 2007

There'll be a mixture of emotional feelings, business and social fun when over 400 members of the Royal Naval Association gather at Torquay next month for their annual conference.

The Torbay branch has agreed to host the three day conference at the Riviera International Conference Centre and will be welcoming delegates from branches all over the country and overseas along with their wives and supporters.

The Association which received its Royal Charter in 1954, was set up to further the efficiency and well being of the Royal Navy, preserve its traditions and encourage recruiting and to foster comradeship and esprit de corps amongst those who have served or are serving in our Naval forces.

The Torbay branch was originally commissioned in September 1945 as the Royal Naval Old Comrades Association and continued as such until 1951 when the name was changed to the Royal Naval Association Torbay branch. Branch meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month at the RAFA Club in Scarborough Terrace, Torquay, as well as a busy social programme to raise funds to help finance such events as the conference.

It's the second time the branch has been privileged to host the national conference, the last time being in 1991. This year's event will take place between June 14 to 17th.

The main business session will be held at the Riviera International Conference Centre on the Saturday and will be officially opened by the Mayor of Torbay and the evening social programme will include the famous Tot Time in which delegates enjoy the traditional tot of rum.

Sunday will see the main parade with a service at the Central Methodist Church after which the parade will reform and march to Torquay Town Hall to military music. On dispersal of the parade, members will be taken to the RAFA Club for drinks and a buffet.

The Torbay branch publicity officer Mike Seawood explained: "We are extremely proud to be honoured with our national conference for a second time. There are only a small number of branches that are capable of hosting such a national gathering as the branch itself funds many of the activities. We look forward to welcoming members and delegates from all over the country to Torbay and the Riviera International Conference Centre.

Laura Nuttall, a conference and events coordinator at the Riviera International Conference Centre who is organising the RNA event said: "This will be a major conference and we look forward to welcoming all the delegates and ensuring they enjoy their three day stay with us."

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