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Young Farmers' two year commitment to Torquay

Young Farmers' two year commitment to Torquay

More than 4500 young farmers are set to make a welcome return to Torquay for their annual conventions in both 2015 and 2017.

The Riviera International Conference Centre (RICC) is delighted to be hosting the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs' (NFYFC) Annual Convention after securing a 2 year deal.

James Eckley, of the NFYFC said:
"The NFYFC is delighted to be returning to Torquay and the RICC for its 2015 and 2017 Annual Convention weekends. Our members really enjoy visiting the resort and attractions, and the RICC provides an ideal venue for the 4,500 expected delegates. The facilities and excellent service the RICC team provides is second to none and this is an important factor in selecting a venue.

As we plan the events, the NFYFC will as usual enjoy the benefits of working with the Council and the Torbay Police as well as hoteliers and accommodation providers who are also very keen to ensure the events are well planned and that our members have a great time in Torquay and at the RICC".

The annual conference offers this hard working young farming community an opportunity to come together for a weekend of fun and a chance to let their hair down. The weekend events include choirs and performing arts competitions, forums, seminars and various evening events, including a Black Tie Ball. Whilst the RICC is the main focal point of the convention there are also a number of additional events that take place across the town in complementary venues.

Simon Jolly, General Manager of the RICC said:
"The RICC is a tailor made venue for the central elements of the NFYFC Convention, which benefits from the centre's flexibility to provide a variety of rooms and halls for every one of their events, under one roof, all in one weekend. However we could not put on this event alone and are proud to be a part of a local team made up of venues, accommodation providers, Regional Police and Torbay Council, that all work together to ensure the event runs smoothly and provides the best possible experience. We therefore see this commitment to return as recognition of our success in working together and how well it operates here".

Gordon Oliver, Mayor of Torbay said:
"We warmly welcome the return of NFYFC to Torquay and hope that they will enjoy their conference. As a town we have the potential to generate an estimated £2 million for our local economy, which equates to 4,500 delegates staying three nights in a range of local accommodation providers, across the Bay, as well as spending time in bars, cafes, night clubs and shops".

The NFYFC's tenth visit to Torquay will be on 24th, 25th & 26th April 2015. Conference English Riviera, responsible for securing the return of this event, will start working with accommodation providers across the Bay as soon as this year's event in Blackpool ends; to ensure there are plenty of beds for them all to sleep in!

For more information about this Press Release please contact Sarah James 01803 206 303

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