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WiFi is FREE at Torquay's RICC

WiFi is FREE at Torquay's RICC

Torquay's dedicated conference and exhibition venue, the Riviera International Conference Centre, are delighted to announce that they will be offering FREE WiFi to all delegates and visitors attending future conferences.

It is common for conference centres and venues to charge for this facility, a policy that the RICC has adopted in the past.

Installed by WiFi Spark, the 13meg bandwidth will be available throughout the RICC. Within the next few weeks, this capacity will be further increased by the installation of superior fibre optic links.

Delegates and exhibitors visiting the RICC for business demand fast and efficient internet access for a variety of essential purposes including sales presentations, networking and digital media. Increased dependence on personal mobile technology during conferences also means the provision of WiFi is essential to conferences.

Nicky Harding, Manager of Conference Torquay said: "The ability to provide this facility free of charge will assist us in winning conferences in the future.

"Competition for winning larger events and conferences is fierce and we are consistently striving to identify initiatives that keep us ahead of the game".

Furthermore offering Free WiFi validates the RICC's support of the ABPCO Conference Cloud campaign. The Conference Cloud is an initiative by ABPCO, the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers, to encourage conference venues across the UK to offer free WiFi to delegates.

Their aim is to gather support for the campaign via an online petition and to work with UK conference venues to develop a service that works for them. Ultimately, their goal is to give conference buyers what they need to run successful, interactive conferences and events here in the UK. To sign up:

For more information about this press release please contact Sarah James 01803 206 303

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