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Blooming marvellous start to Torquay 2011 Conference Season

Blooming marvellous start to Torquay 2011 Conference Season

Many major conference resorts are quite used to kicking off the conference season with a political party conference or two at this time of year. For Torquay it will not be the arrival of suited politicians but the invasion of 500 flower arrangers and 100,000 pounds worth of flowers for the world's biggest annual show promising the most colourful conference start of all!

The National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies' annual show is paying a rare visit to the south west, with the event being held for the first time at Torquay's Riviera International Conference Centre. To experience anything remotely similar, you'd have to travel to the Chelsea flower show to see the like of its colour and scale.

The exhibitors represent 1300 flower clubs around the UK as well as competitors travelling from Pakistan, India, Ireland, Malta and Kenya.

Margaret Marriot, show press officer said, "It's a show for all ages. A lot of people think flower arranging is confined to older women with time on their hands, but they would be very wrong. You'll find entries from men, women and children of all ages. The competition is fierce and the prizes hotly contested".

Nicky Harding, Conference Bureau Manager, Conference Torquay said, "We are very excited about this event. It was a massive achievement to attract an event of this size and status to Torquay. I know the RICC will never have seen anything like it and certainly will never have smelt so good!"

The show will open its doors to the public to view the arrangements from 22 to 24 September.

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