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The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

Monday 13th Nov 2017 to Wednesday 15th Nov 2017

The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

Capacity: 400


The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches is a family of over 560 local churches who are united by the gospel and by a common purpose. As a Fellowship they exist to encourage and equip families of independent churches to thrive.

This conference is for all leaders or staff members in FIEC churches, as well as leaders from churches that are considering FIEC affiliation.

Every Christian has been transformed. Once we walked in darkness, now we walk in light. Our hearts of stone have been transformed into hearts of flesh. We are new creations – the old has gone and the new has come.

And Scripture teaches us that our transformation is to be ongoing. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. The word of God should continue to change us; both as individuals and as churches.

We long to be a family of churches which are continually transformed so that we become communities of salt and light equipped by the Holy Spirit to transform the lives of individuals, our neighbourhoods and ultimately our nation.

But what does leading a transforming church look like?

Perhaps you feel like you’ve been doing the same things year after year without seeing any transformation. Perhaps you’re not sure how to lead a church through change. Or maybe you feel like your church has just got too comfortable.

The programme for our 2017 Leaders’ Conference has been designed to help you lead a Transforming Church. That’s our main theme. You’ll meet others in ministry, learn from the wisdom of experts and be refreshed in your faith.

We hope that our brand new venue, together with it being a slightly shorter conference, will mean more churches can bring their whole leadership team, and that it might also be easier for those who are in secular work to take time off to join us. Whether you are a pastor, pastor’s wife, elder, deacon, youth worker, women’s worker or other ministry leader, this is the conference that will envision you for gospel work in the year ahead. 

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