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Manchester Unity Friendly Society

Manchester Unity Friendly Society

The Oddfellows is a not for profit friendly society with members nationwide.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our members, enabling them to get the most out of life. We offer a fantastic range of benefits and services ranging from social events to care advice and from travel clubs to cashback on dental and optical treatment. 

There are hundreds of Branches across the country, run by enthusiastic volunteers, to help you to start making friends in your area.

Members meet on a regular basis and enjoy taking part in a variety of social activities including anything from quiz nights to group holidays, as well as just getting together for a chat.

Social events are open to all members and you can even bring along a friend. Non members are also welcome to certain events. To find out where your nearest Branch is click on the link below


...the presentation [of the meal] and the content of each dish were superb. With the main meal every vegetable seemed to have its own little presentation, whether it was a mini cauliflower cheese or the beans wrapped in bacon. Your chef must have taken a lot of trouble and the result was out of this world. Please pass on to him the compliments, not only from me, but also from many of the guests who were impressed by the attention to detail.

Whoever set out the tables had taken care to make it all look splendid...

My own gratitude to you is beyond words. By the end of the evening I had received so many compliments on having organised such a good event that I felt proud and pleased, but also a little guilty because in fact you did all the hard work and guided me where I hadn't a clue, so please be assured that all the compliments I received are passed on to you in triplicate.

Dawn Taylor, The Odd Fellows

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