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Royal British Legion

Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion provides financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants. Currently, nearly 10.5 million people are eligible for our support and we receive thousands of calls for help every year.

The Legion was founded in 1921 as a voice for the ex-Service community and over 450,000 members continue to ensure that this voice does not go unheard. Although the needs of ex-Service people have changed over the years, we are still there to safeguard their welfare, interests and memory. British service people are in action around the world every day of the year. They know that if they need our support - now or in the future - the Legion is always on active duty for them.


I want to thank you, and all of your staff, for making our Conference the success which it undoubtedly was. Everything from our arrival through to the close of Conference on Sunday was handled with smooth efficiency and nothing was too much trouble.

Can I especially thank Danielle Piotrowski for her support to me during the many months prior to our event and I am sure that her input was what made everything run so smoothly.

Alan G Purdie

Royal British Legion

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