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 The Unite/Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association is the UK professional body that represents registered nurses and health visitors who work in a primary or community health setting. Since January, 2004, suitably qualified nursery nurses have been able to join Unite/CPHVA.

Unite/CPHVA is a professional section of Unite Health Sector which has about 100,000 members working in the health sector. The sector is itself part of the Unite trade union with two million members nationwide. Unite was formed by an amalgamation of Amicus and the Transport and General Workers’ Union in May 2007.

Unite/CPHVA is the third largest professional nursing union and is the only union, which has public health at its heart. Unite/CPHVA campaigns to protect the status of the community practitioner and the services they deliver. To this end, it has enjoyed much success - the government continues to be committed to the importance of community practitioners as part of its long-term strategy for eradicating health inequalities.

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