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Benenden Healthcare Society Limited

Benenden Healthcare Society Limited
Benenden Healthcare is a mutual 'not for profit' Friendly Society run for its members
The Benenden Healthcare Society provides first class personal healthcare to employees of the public sector, registered charities and other approved organisations.

For just £1.50 per person, per week, our members benefit from access to discretionary healthcare services. Our services include advisory and preventative services - including a UK 24/7 GP advice line, and a range of treatment and diagnostic services – including treatment and surgery at 12 specially selected hospitals across the UK.

Joining Benenden Healthcare is easy. No medical is required, there are no age limits and there’s one flat fee for all members – just £1.50 per person, per week. Costs do not rise when you use the service, there are no hidden extras to pay and unlike health insurance, you don't pay tax on the cost of your membership.


"The time you spent planning and organising (and chasing me to finalise things!) prior to the event meant that both the set up day and the two days of Conference ran without a hitch! You went to a lot of trouble to ensure our requirements were met exactlt and I am extremely grateful for that.

I would also like to say that our experience of the staff and the technicians at the RICC particulary the catering staffwas excellent. Comments I have recieved are that the staff were efficient, professional, polite, well organised and friendly. it is down to there combined effort that everything ran so smoothly. they dealt with any requests or issues so promptly it made life alot easier for me!"

Julia Marsh, Democratic Servies Officer, Benenden Healthcare Society

"Thank you for your e-mail of yesterday, attaching the Glenorleigh Hotel booking confirmation. I found your on-line [accommodation booking] service really helpful and the virtual aerial map is absolutely superb in showing the Hotel to Conference Centre walking route and distance".

About the Conference Torquay Accommodation Booking Service

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