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Rotary Interntaional District 1200

Rotary Interntaional District 1200
The Rotary movement has developed into a global network of service volunteers. It is the world's largest service organisation for business and professional people, with some 1,180,000 members operating in 166 countries world-wide.

There are some 59,000 Rotarians in Great Britain and Ireland in 1,835 clubs, helping those in need and working towards world understanding and peace. Its a fulfilling role, and Rotarians can get involved as much or as little as their time will allow.


Words can not express my gratitude for all the care and support you provided in the preparation of the conference and particularly on the weekend itself. I have had so many congratulations on what people are saying was the best conference ever and that is in no small way due to you and your efforts. My Club were brilliant but said they couldn't have done it without your help. It worked so well - there was a lovely buzz about the whole weekend. The food was superb and the management of all the functions was brilliant. You can be assured that Rotary District 1200 will come back to Torquay - and I am already passing on to other Districts how well we were looked after by you.

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